Structure and Leadership of our Congregation

We are at the service and the mission which the Church has entrusted to us. Sisters who have been entrusted with an administrative service within the Community, together with all the sisters listen to the will of God, according to the word of Jesus: “Only one is your Mas-ter, you all are brothers and sisters.” (Mt23:8)

In the Franciscan Family, meetings are called "chapters". During these chapters we intently listen to one another. When the meeting involves the general management team, we speak of a "general chapter" - in the sense of worldwide. Every six years, sisters from Germany, Peru, India and Croatia meet for the general chapter. Decisions are made based on the experience of the past years and mark the way forward for the next six years. In addition, the sisters are elected who are entrusted with the leadership of the congregation.

The General Team

left to right.: Sr. M. Beatriz Vásquez Mayta, Assistent General Sr. M. Katharina Horn, Superior General Sr. M. Fanny Terán Tejeda, Sr. M. Ligi Thayil, Sr. M. Matthea Baumann

The Regional Team in Peru

left to right: Sr. Patricia Gstir Schmidt, Sr. Diana Oré Chang, Sr. Carmela Farro Torres, Sr. Verónica Flores Fernández (Regional Superior), Sr. Lidwina Ramirez Navarro (Regional Assistant Superior), Sr. Janet Quicho Tacza

The „Kongregation der St. Franziskusschwestern von Vierzehnheiligen“ (FSV; in Peru registerd as “Hermanas Franciscanas de Bamberga”, in India as “St. Francis Sisters of Vierzehnheiligen, in Croatia as “Kongregacija sestara svetog Franje Vierzehnheiligen“) is a Religious Community of the Roman Catholic Church, is recognized by the Bavarian State as an Institution incorporated under public law. (Decree of the Bavarian Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs under the No. II 48599 of 05.12.1925).
The Congregation pursues exclusively and directly non-profit, ecclesiastical and charitable purposes. They consist of sisters, who are assigned in differ-ent convents and who are as a whole under the care of the Superior General.

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)