Wertach im Allgäu

Specialist clinic St. Marien

Specialist clinic St. Marien GmbH
Prevention and rehabilitation for women with family responsibilities
Am Berg 11
87497 Wertach/Allgäu

Tel.: 0049 8365-700-0
Fax: 0049 8365-700-333 

www.haus-st-marien.de (in German)

The sisters began their service in Wertach (home-based care and kindergarten) in 1909; they lived in a private apartment at first. Three houses were donated to the sisters and renovated (St. Josefshaus, St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus and Haus St. Marien).

1928-1975 Hospital with maternity ward and nursing home since 1957 rest centre for mothers St. Marien

1976 Sale of the three original estates - new built at the present location. Continuous and consistent development of the concept as a facility under the umbrella of the Müttergenesungswerk, with all the appropriate renovation measures, ensures its"survival".

2008 The institution becomes a "specialist hospital”

2010 Change of legal form to "Fachklinik St. Marien GmbH" managed by the Vinzenzkliniken Pfronten.

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)