Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

St. Francis-Convent
Glen Chalet
Kotagiri – 643 217
The Nilgiris
Tamil Nadu / India 

Order formation & nursing home  

In 2002 the first sisters set off for India to set up a convent and an association in collaboration with the Assisi sisters. Soon the first young women joined our community.

2003 New construction of a care home and for the order formation in India.

2004 - Admission of the first residents; first novitiate begins

In the meantime more than 15 Indian sisters joined the Congregation and several candidates and postulants are in formation. In addition to the formation of the congregation, our sisters also receive a good school and academic education.

Unfortunately, the nursing home only has room for 15 residents, but is always full. In our home, especially women who do not have a family or who have been abandoned by their family find a home here. The residents come from all social backgrounds, some of them pay a small monthly contribution.

Our convent in Kotagiri also as a drop-in-centre for all kinds of concerns. Many beggars regularly receive food, clothing and sometimes medical care. In addition, we support individual families in need by paying all or part of their children’s school fees or, in case of illness, a hospital stay or operations. We have also supported several families in building a small house.

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)