You must live your change

In the city, I recently noticed a sticker that said "You must live your change! I had to smile and thought these words could have been written by Francis of Assisi: For he took the Gospel literally and embodied it with his life. Francis perceived his environment with affection and brotherly love and could not bear, for example, that a poor man had less than he had. He gave away his possessions and set off to live with the poor. This determination to live out the Good News so radically also touched the people around him. Many of his contemporaries may have regarded of him as a crazy hippie. And yet it has not stopped him from expressing what has changed him in his innermost being. For me, Francis' attitude to life is a benchmark and at the same time a provocation for my everyday life: it does not matter what others think of me or what they make of my way of life. What matters is that what I have understood from the Gospel can be experienced so that love is lived. Francis did exactly that. He remains a model and inspiration for my everyday life. And what about you?

Sr. Magdalena Holm

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)