After Easter we start

We are expecting the first women and children from Ukraine to come to Vierzehnheiligen. Do you want to support us?

The current events in Ukraine remind us of October 2014, when we took in refugees at our Motherhouse. Among them was a family from Ukraine. They have since moved on, but we are still in contact with them and maintain a cordial exchange.

After the country was attacked by Russia, another flight movement from Ukraine began. Again, our hearts stirred: can we take in refugees with us? The challenges lie on several levels: on the one hand, there is a currently vacant property, but it needs to be furnished and equipped first. On the other hand, there are the human resources: who will be there for the refugees? There needs to be professional and a lot of voluntary support.

Since they know us at the Lichtenfels District Office, they asked us about it, parallel to our own considerations. We said YES.

We had 14 days to fix up the empty boarding school: the electrician, the plumber and the cleaners were already there. We received some of the necessary furniture and fittings from generous donors, and we are specifically asking for more. Anyone who would like to support us is cordially invited.

Now we are looking for volunteers to help the refugees with their daily lives. The larger the group of helpers, the more flexible the services can be planned.
Your commitment to helping refugees can be very concrete, for example by

  • taking on driving duties
  • taking over childcare hours
  • helping to organise leisure activities
  • acting as a translator
  • giving language lessons
  • assist with online school lessons
  • offer private tuition
  • offer music lessons
  • assist with everyday household tasks
  • act as a companion during visits to the doctor, shopping, visits to the authorities
  • assist with official matters
  • initiate and organise counselling services
  • help and mediate in conflict situations
  • and much more ...

Please help us.

If you would like to actively support us Franciscan Sisters in helping refugees, please contact us.
Project Ukraine: Mobile phone: 0151 118 235 10
If you would like to support us financially:
Franziskusschwestern von Vierzehnheiligen
IBAN: DE87 7509 0300 0009 0085 00
BIC: GENODEF1M05 Liga-Bank Bamberg
Keyword: Project 525-U Help for refugees

Responsible: Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis, Vierzehnheiligen 8; 96231 Bad Staffelstein, Germany

Author: Kongregation2022-04-11

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)