Donate once - help twice

Our Franciscan Sisters Foundation in Croatia continues to help people without shelter. Now the earthquake victims are joined by people who had to flee from Ukraine.

Our contact person Mrs Branka Bakšić, who is responsible for humanitarian care in the earthquake area, told us the following:
"We are trying to care for the earthquake victims here, who still have to live in miserable conditions in many places. These people here were already victims of the war waged against Croatia in the 1990s. Many war damages have not been repaired until today, which is why the earthquake damage [in 2020] was so profound.
Just today I received a request from the local aid organisations responsible for refugees from the Ukrainian war zone, asking how many accommodation places we can free up here for war refugees from Ukraine."

Monika Lovric, a member of the Board of Directors of our Franciscan Sisters' Foundation, writes: "Unbelievable! History is repeating itself. War refugees, displaced persons, starving people, people traumatised by the horrors of war are unfortunately recurring suffering for us in Croatia. We have already had to experience this here first hand. Our sympathy for the war victims from Ukraine is all the stronger. We already take in many people from Ukraine in Croatia. Because our hearts make no distinction in terms of nationality, religion, ideology, gender, age, etc."

But it needs the solidarity of many.
Our help is a long-term help. We support four families whose houses have been destroyed. They are willing to take in refugees, even though they have nothing themselves. But their own experience has widened their hearts. If you want to help them, you are helping twice. We thank you for this already.


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Author: Monika Lovric und Sr. Katharina2022-03-18

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)