yes and amen

Sr. Magdalena says "yes and amen". First profession in the motherhouse.

"Today, a young woman says yes and amen to a community and to a path that is and remains special. Today, a community says yes and amen to a young woman and thus renews its willingness to listen to each other anew, to remain and become ready for new beginnings, to go into a new future with an old history. God says yes and amen to that - and so it begins anew: this fascinating challenge, this desire to engage in the adventure." This is how Father Roland Huth describes the step Sr Magdalena has taken in our community at 18.12.21.
After two years of novitiate, she took her vows for one year in our Motherhouse Chapel. With fellow Sisters from home and abroad, with her family, friends, companions, Sr. Magdalena gave her "Yes and Amen" to God.
"It is and remains exciting to say YES and Amen to a way of life that seems to go against the mainstream, that does not stand out from other ways of life, but is a constant reminder of to whom my unrestricted love belongs and by whom I may and must know that I am supported," said Father Huth.
The congregation celebrates this special yes with a joyful and festive service. We are happy to have in Sr Magdalena a fellow Sister who goes her way with determination and joy.

Author: Sr. Katharina Horn2021-12-18

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)