New website of the St. Francis Sisters of Vierzehnheiligen

Church websites get more clicks than ever before during this time: As is well known, no church services are held during the Corona pandemic. However, fellow Christians for whom it is important are now increasingly looking for church services or spiritual impulses on the internet. Recently, the website of the St. Francis Sisters in Vierzehnheiligen was revised.

As Sister Katharina points out, the layout of the homepage is new and adapts to the user’s end device and offers a language selection for Spanish and English in addition to German. The website provides information about the annual program of the Motherhouse (currently no events due to Corona), information about the congregation and life as a St. Francis Sister, as well as an overview of the houses and facilities of Vierzehnheiligen and social projects of the St. Francis Sisters.

Since the planned celebrations for Holy Week and Easter cannot take place in the usual way due to the pandemic, the sisters offer a daily reflection from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday. The basis for these are pictures of a Way of the Cross from Peru. In the Andes there is a mountain path with life-size figures representing scenes from the Stations of the Cross. Various sisters have reflected on individual stations. Every day new pictures/stations are added.

Thus, beginning with the events on Palm Sunday from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, the people on the way, the help given, the crucifixion of Jesus and finally the resurrection are contemplated. The different ways of approaching the stations are food for thought. After Easter Monday, the spiritual impulses continue less frequently.

Author: Gerd Klemenz2020-04-11

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)