Precious and valuable

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"Lord, I thank you that you know me and still love me" is an experience that carries and accompanies Sr Jona Marie. On Saturday, 17 December 2022, she made her First Profession during a Eucharistic celebration.

Her motto "Because you are precious and valuable in my eyes" and the choice of hymns gave a sense of what characterises Sr Jona Marie. "At your word, Lord" - this is how she enters more deeply into this journey as a Franciscan Sister. With her first profession she committed herself to the Congregation for one year. Poverty, obedience and celibate chastity for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven are ways of life she practised in the novitiate and which she now promised publicly as her way of life. In his sermon, Archbishop em. Dr. Ludwig Schick took up the fact that this rarely happens today and that many who take this step seem to be exotic. Those who enter are often alone. But this being alone also carries the profoundly monastic dimension of "being alone with God", which is and should be a part of our lives. It needs both - to be alone and to be in community, to retreat into silence and to go out to people in order to convey hope and love to them out of our relationship with God.

"Fear not" - this often repeated cry in the biblical scriptures is experience, promise and mission at the same time. Archbishop emeritus Schick not only called on Sr Jona Marie to meet people with her own faith, her own hope, her own experiences, so that they may experience life in fullness. Ultimately, "Do not be afraid" means - to make the best of the frightening things I encounter.

Sr Jona Marie placed her hands in the open hands of Sr Regina Pröls who, as Congregation Leader, accepted the Professed Promise on behalf of the community. Thus Sr Jona Marie promised, for the time being for one year, to live her life according to our Rule and our Constitutions. As an outward sign of her commitment, she now wears the black veil.

"You give my steps the lightness that sets me free, because You give me hope." - with this confidence the service ended, giving insight into a piece of our fellow sister's life journey through the profound and also spirited texts. Helena's spontaneous choir, which had only met the night before for a joint rehearsal, skilfully conveyed the lightness and joy sung about.

Touched and strengthened, all of Sr Jona Marie's guests met for the subsequent celebration in the dining room.

During vespers in the evening, Sr Maria Magdalena renewed the promise she made a year ago and made her profession for now three years.

Author: Sr. Katharina Horn2022-12-17

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)