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The 60th and 65th anniversaries of four sisters of our congregation were celebrated with an atmospheric service led by Archbishop Dr. Ludwig Schick. Sr. Jutta, Sr. Wilhelmine and Sr. Delphina look back on 60 years of religious life. Sr. Julitta celebrates her 65th anniversary of profession this year.

Superior General Sr. Regina described it as "a celebration of thanksgiving", to which some members of the families of the four jubilarians had travelled to Vierzehnheiligen.

At the beginning of his sermon, Archbishop Schick expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the long life of the jubilarians as religious sisters: "They have given witness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel and have been active in various ministries of the Church and in society, especially in charitable service to the poor and sick, for children and young people and for the elderly".

The jubilee service fell on the feast of the holy brothers Kosmas and Damian. For Archbishop Schick was delighted, because he has a special connection with these two saints, and they have something helpful to say to us being Christians and being Church. He especially emphasised three points: First, the verse from the Gospel of Matthew "Freely you have received; freely give" was particularly apt for the two saints. The attitude of a Christian must be characterised by this. We should not selfishly use the talents we have received from God just for our own benefit. A second important point is attending to the poor and needy. As Christians this should always define us. The last striking feature of the two saints was the fact that the brothers stayed in the same place all the time, so that those in need would always find them. The church must embody this presence, which means: "Individuals and communities of Christians form church in one place. There they pray, celebrate the liturgy, receive visitors, listen, tend to concerns, give advice from the wealth of life experience and take everything to God in prayer". This image of the church that is there is also the mission of the sisters in Vierzehnheiligen. "It is important that they are there. Trough their prayers for the people, they are there for visitors, they are there to listen, welcome and to give good counsel.

After the Archbishop's address, the four jubilarians renewed their profession and were blessed for their further journey.

In her words of thanksgiving, Sister Regina remarked: "I am very impressed when a Sister - although I know that she has faced many challenges - can freely say in old age "I would do the same thing again today". This is a testimony."

As a sign of gratitude, she presented each jubilarian with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Archbishop Schick also brought a small gift to the celebration - freshly cut grapes. The message behind it: "Let us always remember: Through our lives we shall become wine. Wine of joy, wine of comfort, wine of hope."

The jubilee service was accompanied by Mr. Reinhard on the organ. The concelebrants were Father Leopold Mader and Spiritual Director Father Bernhard Braun.

Author: Daniela Weitzel2020-09-26

"If it does you good, then come!"


(St. Francis of Assisi)